What it is: List of a survey's evaluations, with target/location, date and overall score.  

Details: The evaluation list shows all completed evaluations (in Presto CSAT) or accepted evaluations (in Presto Insta-Shops) for the selected survey. It lists the target/location ID and name, the date the evaluation was performed, and the overall score.  You can print this report, or create a PDF or spreadsheet.

How to get it: to get the Completed Evaluations/Accepted Evaluations report, go to Results -> Completed Evaluations (on Presto CSAT) or Results -> Accepted Evaluations (on Presto Insta-Shops).

Use this report to:

  • Get a quick overview of your evaluations 
  • Drill down to see the details of an individual evaluation 
  • Drill down to see the performance of a specific target/location